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I find it interesting {and a little disturbing} that I’ve been having a hard time waking up lately…{as in, ever since I decided to bring up the topic of wake-up calls.} Now, for some reason, my alarm doesn’t seem to be doing the trick in the mornings, which causes me to ponder why the “snooze” option is suddenly so attractive these days. {Hmmm….}

If you follow the ACTS Journal, you know we’re a pretty open book. {Well, not always pretty, but… } The whole idea is to intentionally explore our personal stories in order to discover lies and distortions that drive our beliefs and behaviors, then share with you what we’re learning about this “not always pretty” process of healing, change, and growth.

We do it because it’s absolutely essential…as well as fascinating…to delve into the complexities of our interior soulscapes. It’s also why we invite you into the pages of our stories…so you can explore with us and discover some fascinating and essential things about your own story.

We talk about it often here…how we can be so good at ignoring our internal indicators that waking up to the realization that we need help is alarming to us. A frightening prospect. {Everything seemed just fine…until it wasn’t. We had no idea…until we couldn’t shove it down anymore.}  Add to all this, the idea of living together in community, and it becomes downright terrifying.

I arrived at the ACTS House, in need of rest and refuge, only to learn that I was going to be noticed. {Like that was supposed to be a good thing…} I had spent my whole life trying to keep people from noticing what I so despised about myself. Moving in with the ACTS family meant no more hiding, no more running, and no turning back. There comes a time when it is absolutely essential to finally face what we don’t want to face…see what we need to see…and allow ourselves to be noticed and known {not for all the bad things we’re ashamed of, but for the good things we can’t see for ourselves and need others to notice for us.}

And that’s why I’m sounding the alarm again…for those who are just beginning to wake up to your own stories. It’s amazing what happens when we are lovingly noticed, and begin to allow ourselves to be known by safe, kind, authentic people. God knew exactly what each of us needed when He prepared a place for us to call home for a while…in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Remember the meaning of the word, alarm, I mentioned when I brought up the topic of wake-up calls? It originally referred to “a call to arms,” as in taking up weapons for battle. Well, sometimes we’re in the battle of our lives — a battle we didn’t even know we were in and aren’t prepared to fight — or a battle we’ve been fighting alone for so long we’ve exhausted our reserves and can’t take another step. Life’s battles were never meant to be waged alone, and will never be won that way. Without linking arms and standing together, there’s no way to sustain the momentum and strength required to overcome.


And for those who sometimes feel like a smaller, younger version of yourself, hiding from things that scare you, I can tell you there’s nothing like the relief of finally letting that part of yourself be lovingly noticed and enfolded in the safe arms of love and understanding. {You were left to your own devices and defenses too soon, too young. It’s all you’ve known…and it never should have been that way.}

Sound the alarm!                     Link arms!                    Give that ‘precious one’ a hug!

The cry of the weary and the wounded signals love’s response. And against this call to arms…no defense can stand, no weapon prevail.