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Springtime in the Rockies strikes again with a late-March blizzard that knocked the spring fever right out of us yesterday. The intensity of it left us a little dazed, not to mention disheartened by the thought of early flowering trees being nipped in the bud.

It’s not a completely unexpected occurrence, of course…we all know the risk…but, we still hope every year for the perfect spring weather {warm, but not too warm…soon, but not too soon} that will bring the burst of color and new life we so long for this time of year.

To see anything stunted by conditions that prevent it from flowering and becoming all it was meant to be is disheartening for sure. When it’s a person, struggling to dig out from the effects, it can knock you to your knees. And what better to place to be this week, as all of Christendom reflects on the harrowing events leading up to the most brilliant burst of new life known to man.

For those who may still be a little dazed and disheartened by the snow, or other harsh conditions of life, doing your best to dig your way out, I pray you’ll continue to hope, against all hope, in the promise of new life and in the power and resilience God designed His most beautiful creations to display…in every kind of weather. And remember… No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

On behalf of the entire UnbridledACTS family, we wish you and yours all the promises, beauty, and joy of this wonderful season.