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Confrontation…don’t you hate when that happens? Me too. I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid it, in fact…and suspect the same may be true for many of you. I only bring it up, of course…{as I always do}…to share another late-learned lesson I hope you’ll learn sooner rather than later. So listen carefully…’cause here’s the thing.

We’ve been duped. Duped by the lie that confrontation is bad and scary and should be avoided at all cost. Consequently, we’ve robbed ourselves of  honest and direct communication that’s actually a really good thing, resulting in personal growth, authentic connection, and the kind of relationships we all long for in life.

Hate when that happens. Hate that I let it happen. That I allow fear to make a coward of me…and lies to dupe me into forfeiting the very thing I say I want. And because our longing for connection is so strong, I set myself up for pitiful pretending everything’s fine so I can avoid confrontation at all cost…and relationships become more and more distant. More and more dishonest.

{Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!}

So, you know what? I’m not doing it anymore. I’m learning a better way and sounding the alarm, so you can do the same. Because guess what. No matter how much we’ve been duped or robbed in the past, it’s never too late…and always better late than never…to confront things head on like the strong, courageous women we truly are. So there!

And when I say confront, what I mean is this…straight from Merriam Webster and the Online Etymology Dictionary: to deal with something, especially in an honest and direct way, to bring face-to-face…from French and Latin roots meaning to stand in front of, to adjoin…(to be next to and joined with). 

Don’t you love that? Me too…and I hope you’ll stick around for more on our latest study at the Nest. It’s shattering lies and bringing brand new perspective to the meaning and value of confrontation. Who knew a “bad and scary” thing could turn out to be “a really good” thing?

I just love when that happens…don’t you?