The UnbridledACTS Matching Funds initiative allows us to multiply generosity by partnering with like-hearted organizations to raise support for their causes and match donations made through the ACTS website. Because we are constantly connecting with new organizations that share our vision, we encourage you to check this page on a regular basis for new opportunities to donate and watch the power of radical generosity at work. Below are our current matching funds with more details about each organization.

Every dollar you donate is multiplied and goes directly to the fund of your choice.

Matching Fund:
Indian Health Alliance

Health Education for Schoolchildren in India

Rahul Mehra, PhD, Executive Chairman, Indian Health Alliance

UnbridledACTS is excited to partner with the Indian Health Alliance for a $1 for $1 match up to $5,000. This match will help cover the expenses for a pilot healthcare curriculum over the next year:

In India, more than 66,000 children, between 5 and 14 years old, die every year from diarrheal and other infectious diseases.This number is 28 in the United States. Most children grow up with poor hygiene and sanitation, an unhealthy diet, high tobacco use, minimal exercise and high risk of injuries. When these children grow up with poor health habits, the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (e.g. diabetes, heart disease and cancer) also rapidly increases. As a result, India is undergoing an epidemic of such diseases resulting in an average life expectancy of 68 years.

We can prevent most of these deaths by educating Indian youth on healthy habits. This will only happen when health education is treated with the same priority as reading, writing and arithmetic. The vision of the Indian Health Alliance is to see health education become mandatory in every school, and at every grade level in India.

We have developed a healthcare curriculum that includes student workbooks and a teacher’s manual for grades 6 and 7. The curriculum, which covers physical, social and mental health, is interactive and engaging. The books have been printed in English and translated into Hindi. We are planning to conduct a one-year pilot program (2020-2021) in three Delhi schools to evaluate the effectiveness of the grade 6 curriculum. We will provide the books free of cost and conduct teacher training. The money requested for this matching fund are needed for executing this pilot project.

In the future, we plan to write the books for the remaining grades and influence policy makers to make health education mandatory. This will help the youth become healthy & productive, so they can realize their full potential.

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