The UnbridledACTS Matching Funds initiative allows us to multiply generosity by partnering with like-hearted organizations to raise support for their causes and match donations made through the ACTS website. Because we are constantly connecting with new organizations that share our vision, we encourage you to check this page on a regular basis for new opportunities to donate and watch the power of radical generosity at work. Below are our current matching funds with more details about each organization.

Every dollar you donate is multiplied and goes directly to the fund of your choice.

Matching Fund:
Heal & Thrive

UnbridledACTS is partnering with Heal and Thrive in a dollar for dollar matching fund, up to $2,500.00!

Heal & Thrive will help 1,230 single mamas and widows in Northern Uganda to do just that…

HEAL through a partnership with Tutapona, an organization that works throughout Uganda and the Middle East. Every mama will have the opportunity to participate in group trauma therapy where they’ll process the trauma they have endured to be able to emerge on the other side with greater resilience and strength.


THRIVE through an extensive business training. This 16 module, college level curriculum provided by Sarah Ray Consultants, has been written specifically for the developing world. Sarah Ray herself will travel to Uganda (with Beverly Harris of UnbridledACTS!) to train the Ugandan Literacy Coaches the curriculum and how best to teach it. The Literacy coaches will then take the next year to slowly, systematically work through the curriculum as every mama starts and grows her business until it’s thriving.

Can you imagine 1200+ families healing and then thriving? 7,500+ kids being raised by mamas who are healing and thriving?! THIS is what we get to be a part of with your help!

Each dollar given is matched by UnbridledACTS and goes directly to Heal and Thrive. Thank you for helping us launch a new decade with a significant impact.