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The UnbridledACTS Matching Funds allows us to multiply generosity by partnering with like-hearted initiatives to raise support and match donations made through the ACTS website. Because we are constantly connecting with new initiatives that share our vision, we encourage you to check this page on a regular basis for new opportunities to donate and watch the power of radical generosity at work. Below are our current matching funds with more details about each situation.

Every dollar you donate is multiplied and goes directly to the match of your choice.

Reichenbach Matching Fund

UnbridledACTS is hosting a Matching Fund to help former US Navy SEAL, Bo Reichenbach, cover tuition for his son, Landon, to go to Valor High School. We will match $1 for $1 up to $12,500 for a total goal of $25,000. The match will run through July 2024:

Bo Reichenbach is a retired Navy SEAL who served in Afghanistan. While there, he sustained severe injuries that resulted in the loss of his legs. He has worked hard to overcome the injuries for himself and his family. With the help of Parkers Platoon, Bo now has support from his service dog, Sicario, who symbolizes resilience and hope as Bo overcomes the struggles of being a double amputee.

Landon, Bo’s son, has been accepted into Valor High School in Colorado. This wonderful opportunity will give Landon the chance to grow in the values of courage, integrity, and excellence—qualities that Bo and the rest of his family deeply resonate with. Due to medical expenses and limited financial resources, Bo is unable to cover the cost of Landon’s tuition for his enrollment.

Bo is currently seeking funds to help cover Landon’s tuition to Valor High School. To support, we have set up this dollar-for-dollar match (up to $12,500) where 100% of donations will go to Landon Reichenbach’s tuition fees. The hope is to come alongside Bo as he provides for his son the opportunity to thrive and receive quality education.

If you would like to support Bo & Landon, please give below!

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