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The pressure’s on…and that’s a good thing.

It’s my new mantra. Time to pull it together. Stay focused. Step up…and finally overcome obstacles I’ve allowed to derail me time and time again. Organization, focus, and consistency have been challenges my whole life. Still are, but since I’m practicing transparency I don’t mind saying so…even though it sends a shiver up my spine.

Shame does that to me. It’s slimy. Slithery. Making cowards of otherwise bright, strong, adventurous people, as we pitifully pour our energy into skirting the very challenges that would launch us into success, because we’re convinced we’ll fail. We become paralyzed by the fear of being found out…and brilliant at disappearing into a mere shadow of our true selves.

If that sends a shiver up your spine, this blog is for you. Because we get it. We feel it with you. My heart practically pounds right out of my chest when I write this stuff, but then a wonderful thing happens. And because you’re pushing past whatever you’re feeling right this minute, it’s happening for you, too.

Every time we expose shame – when we talk about it, admit unbearable truths, say the word, even – something that feels like freedom rushes in to take the place of that shiver. Shame disappears into the shadows. And so does the coward it tries to make of us.

Suddenly we remember how bright and strong and adventurous we are, or used to be, or want to be. Courage returns to take its rightful place in the core of ourselves, reminding us to take heart, focus, and step up to the life we really want.

Then a wonderful thing happens. The very words that once caused us to slither into the shadows of insecurity and excuses becomes the battle cry that finally overcomes shame and launches us into our successful, rewarding, and very bright future.

All because the pressure’s on…and that’s a really good thing!  


Love Julie