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February 27, 2023

Celebrating Diversity

As we all know, February is Black History Month! A time dedicated to celebrating the achievements of African Americans in US history. Observances of this month are primarily relegated to…
January 27, 2023

New Year Reminder

Another year is here. It appears each one passes quicker than the last. Life isn’t slowing down; it steamrolls its way through us… or even past us.  It feels that…
September 22, 2022

You Are Worth It

Every September we observe Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. It’s a time for communities to come together to share resources and learn as much as we can about this difficult topic, in…
August 24, 2022


Life takes some unexpected twists and turns. Perhaps it’s the remnants from the whirlwind that was the COVID-19 pandemic, but recently nothing seems to go to plan. Jostled is the…
July 21, 2022

Get Bored

Idle hands are the Devil’s playground. Growing up, you probably heard a version of this adage. Whether you adhered to it or not, the statement carries a heavy warning. A centuries-old…
April 15, 2022

Family Matters

5 ways to love your family to life. Family is the single-most influential structure we are ever part of as humans. It’s the place we can experience the most healing…