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Waking up can be a slow process for some of us. Even with an alarm blaring in the background. {Or in our gut.} Whether it’s external or internal, we don’t always want to hear…what we don’t want to hear. {Right?} So, we hit snooze. Hit it again. Maybe two or three more times, before it’s all said and done. {Until the next day…}

Even our favorite alarm options {crickets, silk, ripples, or slow rise} sound irritating when we’d rather keep sleeping. We know we need to wake up. We know it’s time to get going. But…we’re so comfortable at the moment, we ignore the very signal we intentionally set for ourselves. And by the time we hit snooze for the last time…{you know how it goes}.

It’s a little like the caution lights and indicators in my car that keep me from running toward empty. {Did you read that one?} They’re part of the design of the car for a reason, and if I ignore them…I end up stranded on the side of the road, sometimes in dangerous predicaments. Internal signals are for the same purpose…to make us aware, send an alert, wake us up from our slumber or stupor, sound an alarm.

There’s a progression to emotional signals, and some of us are quicker to pick up on them than others. Like I said, waking up can be a slow process sometimes. Sometimes we don’t want to be aware. We don’t always want to hear what we don’t want to hear. Sometimes we sort of like the stupor effect of our favorite quick fix when we’re down, stressed, or just plain bored.

But, here’s the thing…if we give in to the stupor that keeps us from being alert to vital indicators, or to the slumber that causes us to snooze our way through life…we will eventually find ourselves in a dangerous predicament. And that’s why I’m sounding the alarm.

Please be attentive and on the lookout for anything that indicates you may need to wake up to some things. Many of us manage to snooze through warning signs for years before recognizing the reality we need to face and the battles we must fight. Please don’t skip the hard stuff.

The word alarm actually means “a call to arms.” I love that…and I hope you’ll allow the sound of this warning to be both the wake-up call and the call to arms that kindles something brand new for you tomorrow morning when your alarm goes off.


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