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Time is fleeting. It’s been said for eons, I know. It’s been true for eons. Life really is short. And I’m sounding the alarm again this week, because there’s not a person reading this who doesn’t need a little wake-up call in some area of your life.

It’s true for you. It’s true for me. In fact, I knew within a day of writing last week’s little warning that it was more for me than anyone else. Time is difficult for me. Keeping up with it. Managing it. Making good use of it. And trying to make up for my poor use of it. Always has been. Still is, and it may be for you as well.

Add to that, the “flighty-ness” of time, and even stronger reactions get stirred up for some of us. So we hit snooze again and again and again, trying to ignore the irritating alarm inside that just won’t shut up, and feeling more and more anxious about the thing we keep telling ourselves we’ll think about later.

It’s a crazy cycle. A tactic that will never work. Whatever we try to ignore becomes harder to ignore…produces more anxiety… and is just a big fat waste of time.

{There! I said it. It’s a new tactic I’ve learned…admitting things and asking for help. And I’m making good use of it to demolish life-long, heaped-on shame over things I wish I’d learned sooner, regret not putting into practice earlier, and hate that I was too embarrassed to admit it…until now.}

Such a waste of time… Ok, so…gotta go!

Time’s a tickin’…

and I don’t know about you…

but I have some catching up to do!


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