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Thank goodness for an accurate gas gauge in my car. Without it, I swanee, I’d spend half my life stranded on the side of the road. Even with built-in indicators — both hard-to-miss and impossible-to-ignore – I can be completely startled and annoyed by sudden signals that my car is running low on something essential.

You’d think I’d be better prepared. More aware. And of course, I’m not completely unaware. {We never are…} But for one reason or the other, I have a tendency to avoid the inconvenience, postpone the inevitable, deny the obvious. Signals and all.

It’s beyond me why I do this… or why we’re so prone to allow the levels of our essential emotional needs to drop so dangerously low. And if you think I’m exaggerating by calling it dangerous, let this cover image sink in for a minute. Take a moment to relate. Imagine what might be going on behind those hands and beneath the gauge of a heart running toward empty.

I’m telling you…our need for authentic connection is so primal that ignoring it, avoiding it, postponing it, or denying it, leaves us stranded and alone in dangerous places if we’re not careful. Please be careful. Please be aware.

Listen to the signals of your heart. Notice behaviors that indicate your need for something essential. They may startle and annoy you, but they’re built-in for a reason…to alert you and keep you safe.