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Last week, we celebrated June weddings and the beautiful symbolism of the Turtle Dove. Back in February, when we longed for the return of flowers and bird songs, we introduced you to The Mansion. And this week, we’ll dovetail the two. {}

If you’re not familiar with the Sheedy Mansion, take a look. It’s quite impressive. Also known as the  Grant Street Mansion, the National Register of Historic Places gives a painstaking description of its notable features, allowing us an amazing glance back to the days of hand-carved dovetailing and artistic craftsmanship. {}

It’s stunning to walk through this massive building, trying to fathom the commitment of time and labor it required. From quarrying two varieties of sandstone, one for the foundation and the other for decorative trims and columns, to distinctive woods choices (bird’s-eye maple, sycamore, cherry, mahogany, quarter-sawn oak, curly birch), there was nothing standard about this 1892 new build that also featured eight chimneys, fifteen fireplaces (each with a unique mantel design), gables, turrets, balconies, verandas, leaded and stained glass windows, beveled mirrors, cupolas, leather wall panel, brass ornamentation, and a porte cochere, to boot!

Dennis Sheedy’s love of nature and beauty and family was displayed in every detail of his dream home. And throughout the structure, hand-cut dovetail joints remain today, as they have for centuries, as a testament to quality workmanship and enduring strength. To dovetail means to join together; to fit together easily and skillfully in a pleasing and satisfying way, in order to form a whole. Separate parts interlock to form a whole, and are self-tightening when fitted together properly. {I love that…} There was love in the details. Strength in the dovetailing.

Those who fit together properly, laboring together in harmony and one accord, build magnificent things. Like the carpenters and craftsmen who dovetailed their skills to erect a national landmark. Like the Unbridled community, learning to fit together in ways that display what’s possible when Love is in the details. Like marriage, the most magnificent display of all.

Ahhh, June. When the love of dovetailed hearts is witnessed in the details of practically perfect weddings by communities who pledge their support and prayers to see love stand, as it has from the beginning of time, as a testament to the tenderness of the Turtle Dove, the strength of dovetailing, and the lasting legacy of covenant partnerships.