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Ahhhh, June. That beautiful month of flowers and weddings and … cooing. {Makes me giddy just to think about it.} I’ve never actually seen doves released at a wedding, but the symbolism is lovely and the effect absolutely magical. Just look at that photo. Practically perfect in every way!

A dove is like a bride on her wedding day. Beautiful. Shapely. Gracefully plumed. And hopefully, both the bride and the groom will be like doves long after the honeymoon is over. Doves are peaceful. Friendly. Affectionate and harmonious. Emblems of love, loyalty, and devotion; honesty, hope, and honor. Their commitment is for life; their partnership, equal; their bond, strong and tender.

And oh, the sound of their voices. Some say it’s mournful {hence the name, Mourning Dove}, but I prefer to call them Turtle Doves {especially in the month of June} because that’s the name that best describes their call. {At least the way I hear it.} More romantic coo than depressing dirge, it’s a soft, sweet, soothing sound. A loving sound. And did you know that the call of the Turtle Dove is almost always uttered by the male, not the female?

I love that. It reminds me that strength is tender, and tenderness is strength, and both are beautiful. And that strong and tender lovers through the ages have always responded affectionately to the call and the endearment of the Turtle Dove.

Ahhhh, June … when flowers appear, bird songs return, and the voice of the Turtle Dove is heard in the land.*   May this June overflow with weddings that are practically perfect in every way, and marriages filled with the tender wooings of a strong and lasting Love.

{Especially yours, Sam and Dani!}

julie-signature*Song of Songs 2:12