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Our vision is
to love people
to life.

UnbridledACTS is a registered non-profit dedicated to simply loving people to life.
We do this through Community, Care, and Connections.


Within community, those who are wounded, wandering, and disenfranchised find authentic, caring relationships that allow them to experience what it’s like to belong, to be believed in, and to become immeasurably more than they thought possible.


Through care, we come alongside those wanting and needing emotional and/or physical assistance. Whether making counseling accessible or bridging the financial gap during times of great hardship, care is at the heart of how we act.


Finally, through matching funds and grants, we partner with other organizations to create significant connections. We love linking arms with like-hearted initiatives that uniquely express what it looks like to love someone to life.
Our impact through the years…


UnbridledACTS is primarily funded through the generous and unique giving model of the Emergent companies. Through their success, UnbridledACTS annually receives the first 20% of their profits. We then put this money to work to make an impact on society in a sector that speaks to the heart of each company.

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