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Quitting isn’t always a bad thing, you know. In fact, sometimes it’s a really good thing. A necessary thing. Winners quit things in order to win. Quitters become winners all the time. It’s all in how you look at it…and what you’re willing to quit in order to embrace a better reality for your life.

Every year, we spend the month of January determined to change things, rearranging our calendars and priorities for success in different areas of our lives. Sometimes we stick it out. Sometimes we don’t. And the difference between the two often has something to do with what we believe about ourselves, how we view the challenge before us, and how gracious we’re willing to be toward ourselves during the process.

We can resolve ‘til we’re blue in the face, but unless we quit sabotaging our best intentions with thoughts of what seems impossible to us, we will prove ourselves right…year after year…after year. That’s why so many of us eventually quit resolving to resolve much of anything. It’s just too exhausting. Too depressing. Too hopeless. But what if we change our view of quitting? What if we quit giving it a negative connotation, and begin to consider the possibilities of choosing to replace what’s not working in our lives for better things that are actually energizing, exciting, and successful?

If you suddenly feel exhausted, depressed, and hopeless…and wish you could just quit…then you’ve come to the right place. Imagine that! We’re starting the new year with a list of things we know we to HAVE to quit in order to turn some things around in our lives. So here we go. Embrace your inner quitter and be a proud quitter of these ten things:

  1. Quit avoiding the truth about your life
  2. Quit lying to yourself about whatever that is
  3. Quit denying how you really feel about it all
  4. Quit hating yourself for whatever you hate about your life
  5. Quit trying to hide whatever that is
  6. Quit being afraid to admit how afraid you are
  7. Quit worrying about what others think
  8. Quit comparing yourself to others
  9. Quit believing you’re a hopeless screw-up
  10. Quit acting like none of the above is true

What a relief to know we can quit wearing ourselves with self-defeating efforts, depressing results, and a hopeless outlook on yet another year of our lives. We can do this! And we start by deciding what we’re willing to quit in order to win the battle we’re facing or the race we’re running. It’s all in how you look at it…so embrace your inner quitter and be proud. Great victories, stunning successes, and an exciting life are on the horizon.