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I used to hate winter. Especially January. For many years. And I absolutely refused to believe I could feel differently about it. Hate it I did, and hate it I would…’til my dying day.

Sounds silly to me now, but for all those years, I really didn’t know I could change my mind about winter. {Like I was born that way, or something…with a predisposition for the tropics.} Consequently, leaving the sunny South for Colorado left me helplessly miserable for a good six or seven months out of the year. And there wasn’t a thing I could do about it, I thought. {Except be miserable, that is…}

Maybe you feel the same way. If so, I wish you a brand new view of winter that opens your heart to receive the gifts of its beauty, friends who help you see everything in brand new and beautiful ways…and one last wish for everybody who has ever hated January.

May January bring at least one perfect snowflake to melt on your tongue, or even better, a snow angel or two to watch over you. Start the first month of the year on the right foot — pay your debts, forgive someone it’s hard to like, kiss yesterday’s mistakes goodbye and let them fly. ~ Nikki Hardin.