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Need I say more?

Just when it seemed there wasn’t a minute to spare for a Journal post, I ran across this adorable little guy, spouting the wisdom of one much older and taller to his faithful side-kick. And in the single frame of a cartoonist’s storyboard, everything I was planning to say about this invigorating time in my life is summed up in Bill Watterson’s perfect balance of wit and whimsy. 

Just look at Calvin’s determined posture. “Follow the Leader” is a very serious game, you know. And what kind of leader would he be to let his best friend get complacent and lazy? Now, check out Hobbes…all nimble and quick and light on his feet. Get a load of that concentration. He may be a little unsure of the terrain, but there’s one thing he’s absolutely sure of…

He’ll follow that leader anywhere. And he knows it’ll be a blast…even when he’s challenged by what’s required and a little uncomfortable taking the next leap of faith. After all, he knows this guy…and that’s all he needs to know. He’s in it for the long haul. For the fun of it. The thrill of it.

And for the reward that comes to all who muster the courage to follow a leader who keeps us on our toes, expects more than we knew we had to offer, and proves that what they saw in us…long before we could see it ourselves…really is true.   

It’s invigorating!

What can I say?