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The merry month of May…without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Springtime at its finest. My heart at its fullest.

There’s something about the “new green” of spring that delights the senses and invigorates our souls like nothing else. I conducted a brief search for the “Google truth” on the matter, of course, and was not at all surprised to find these effects of the color green on emotions:

  • renews depleted energy
  • creates balance between the head and heart
  • stabilizes and strengthens to persist and endure
  • serves as a sanctuary from the stresses of modern life
  • restores us to a sense of well-being

Green is an emotionally positive color…what can I say? A natural peacemaker. It neutralizes the inner struggle, helps us make peace with ourselves, and adds a bit of a lilt to our outlook. I love that about spring. The abundance of green it brings…in due season. Even when it takes longer than I might prefer, I know that by May I will finally see the “new green” that thrills my soul. And for that, I will always celebrate it as my favorite month of the entire year.

This May seems especially invigorating, I’ve noticed. Not just because of all the recent “moisture” that makes it greener than usual, but for reasons I’ve never experienced before…which makes it even more invigorating!  It’s all so new for me that I can hardly contain the excitement…and I only hope I don’t come off irritating to those of you who may not be feeling as “merry” as I am this May.

{Trust me…I’ve been there. And not that long ago, either. I know what it’s like for a heart to be so depleted that it seemed nothing…and I mean nothing…could revive it. Ever! And I hated when people went on like I am, because I was so completely convinced it could never be true for me.}

But, now that I am completely convinced…how can I contain myself? How can I not share what I now know is possible? It’s the very reason for the ACTS Journal…to convince you that what you may think is impossible…that I also thought was impossible…along with just about everybody who has been a part of the ACTS community…isn’t!

And if that doesn’t liven up your worn-out soul or spark a little hope in that depleted heart, I hope you’ll go find yourself a sweet green sanctuary this week, and see if you don’t notice a surge of something you haven’t felt in a while. Something sort of invigorating. A spike in energy. A little pep in your step.

Of course, there may be a few other things to explore that require more than a walk in the woods, but I guarantee you it can do wonders to shore up the physical and emotional strength we need to do the hard stuff required to flourish and thrive in life the way God intended.

So…give it a shot, will you? Please? Step lively into this gorgeous season, and let the effects of all this green boost your spirits so you can enjoy the merry month of May to the fullest!