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Every once in a while, often with very long whiles in between, I get the feeling that I’m in a movie…that my life, simple as it may be, is somehow note-worthy. With a beautiful soundtrack to go with it. In those rare and precious moments, I hear “Freedom” playing in the background, reminding me that a life pitifully mundane in outward appearance can be beautifully profound in its deeper, truer reality…even though elements of the story are anything but beautiful.

Ever think of your life that way? Try it sometime. Notice moments that feel like a movie. Listen for the musical score, and revel in the sound of it. Rewrite the parts of the script that can be edited. Add elements that bring resolution to the story. Because no matter how the movie starts, we have a lot to do with how it ends.

And every once in a while, in rare moments of authenticity and awe, you may be moved to tears by your own story, realizing that it’s somehow note-worthy. Inspirational, even. And that others who desperately need a new storyline and soundtrack are moved by what they see and hear in yours.

Don’t ever underestimate the sound of your story…or the power of freely sharing it with others.

Love Julie