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Thank goodness for Thanksgiving.

Such a simple holiday. Still relatively untouched by commercialism, whether you call it Friendsgiving, Food & Football, Gobble & Wobble, or Turkey & Toast. By any name, this one day remains one of our best chances to step back for a moment and appreciate the simple joy of gathering around the table with family and friends. To notice faces and interactions. To cherish the sound of familiar voices and laughs. To savor the tastes of childhood favorites reserved for this one very special day. These are the things that move us. And the reason we keep the tradition year after year.

Because we need a day like this. A day that reminds us what matters and that we’re made for connection. Even when it’s a far cry from the storybook version we thought it would be. It’s a freeing thing to accept the reality of our relationships and begin to take responsibility for our part in what they look like in real life.

Give it a try this year. Do your best to let go of the expectations, and open your heart to what comes naturally. Chances are it will fill right up to the brim with warmth and gratitude, then overflow with love and laughter. So simple. So freeing. So worth it. Thank goodness!

Here’s to good times together and a very Happy Thanksgiving…from the ACTS House to yours!