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If stuckness makes perfect sense to you – even though it’s not a real word, according to Webster – then read on, my friend. We speak your language here. It’s the language of dreamers, pilgrims, and drifters. The broken and the weary. Full of metaphors that help explain what it feels like to walk through cement, leaving us full of relief when somebody gets what we’re trying to say. Suddenly we don’t sound quite so crazy inside our own heads. For a moment, the self-contempt subsides just long enough to feel a slight shift. And we wonder if – maybe, just maybe – we could actually be unstuck one day. Does that make sense?

It’s a beautiful thing to find people who speak our language. Who understand where we’ve been and what we’re going through. People who know the way out and stick with us while we find our way out, too…even though we’re not completely convinced we ever will. They get it. They remember being just as stuck as we still are. Just as hopeless, which is why they refuse to give up on us. They know it’s a process…and that progress can be painfully slow. There was a time when they wondered why they couldn’t seem to get it, either…hating themselves for it. Like we all tend to do.

Hard to imagine, I know…but it’s true. And as hard as it may be to hang out with people who seem to have it all together when your own life is falling apart, keep in mind that they wouldn’t be where they are without going through some painful stuckness of their own. Pain can be a brilliant illuminator if we’re willing to acknowledge it, feel it, process it, and learn from it. Otherwise, no matter how hard we try to escape it, there it will be around every corner like a flashing neon sign.

So, take heart and carry on…because, even when it seems like nothing is happening from your perspective, more is going on than meets the eye. You may only see a short, stubby caterpillar or a shut-down sack of silk, just hanging there doing nothing, but those who have been there know better. Stick close to them. They see what you can’t. Change. On the inside…where all true transformation begins. The time frame may vary, but that’s okay. Whether the process takes a month, a year, or a lifetime, each part is essential to the remarkable outcome of the whole. And so worth whatever it takes to get there. I promise.

It will seem sudden. A shift you thought would never happen. And just like that, you’re suddenly unstuck. Emerging right before our very eyes. And oh, how beautiful you are!

Love Julie