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Ever wonder why the phrase “rhyme or reason” is always preceded by negative words like “neither” and “no” and “without”?

{Neither have I…’til this very moment. And for no rhyme or reason that I can think of, really…it just suddenly hit me. Probably because I was thinking about last week’s Journal post and the whole idea of tempo and rhythm, then that expression popped in my head…and it just got me wondering. That’s how my mind works…for some rhyme or reason.}

Oops…I guess they only usually precede the expression. Anyway, now I’m not exactly sure where to take this…not that I ever know. In fact, more times than not…for no rhyme or reason that I can explain…the Journal takes me somewhere, instead of the other way around.

I actually like it that way, though…mainly because I happen to believe there’s ALWAYS a rhyme and reason. I may not be able to say what it is in the moment, but it usually becomes clear at some point…if I’m willing to pay attention. That might be a big “IF” for some who prefer to keep chalking it up to “no rhyme or reason,” BUT do you really believe that? Just wondering…

OK, so I still have no idea where this is headed, but you know what? I’ve learned to love the unknowns in life…because the truth is, there are things we simply cannot know right now. Some things we may eventually come to understand at some point along the way. But, others we just have to be OK with never fully understanding. At least until that time when all things are clear to everyone who wants to see and hear and know the “rhyme and reason” of it all.

Until then…carry on, all you seekers of Truth. There’s a reason for your search…and a wonderful rhyme to go with it!