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Thanksgiving…by any other name is still the same. Call it what you will {Friendsgiving, Food & Football, Gobble & Wobble, or Turkey & Toast}, it remains a much-loved and heart-warming holiday as family, friends, food, and football merge on a day set aside to appreciate the good things we have in life.

I hope you’ll take a minute sometime during the day {by whatever name you call it} to pan the room for heart-shots of smiling faces and candid connections. I hope you’ll listen to the sounds of conversation and laughter and football…and taste the love mixed into favorite dishes shared around the table. These are the things that touch our hearts, and why we keep this tradition alive year after year.

We’re made for it. We need a day like this. A day set aside to help us remember what matters, what we love, what we need, what we long for, and what we’re thankful for. And by any other name, Thanksgiving offers one of the best occasions I know for reminding us that it’s only natural, and perfectly normal, for our hearts to fill up with warmth and gratitude for the blessings of family and friends and food, then overflow with love and laughter and thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!