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“Loving people to life” sometimes means walking alongside friends dealing with the loss of a loved one. Last year, Jen Kamins (in the San Diego Unbridled office) experienced the unimaginable loss of her precious little boy, Cash – a two-year-old who has not only touched our community deeply, but is touching more lives than he could have imagined.

While remembering Cash with her closest friends, Jen talked about how she loved Cash hard. She kissed him hard. She held him hard. She cuddled him hard. She LOVED HARD. From this conversation, the idea for LOVE HARD was born as a way to keep Cash’s giving spirit alive and see his life continues to bless the world.

Through the LOVE HARD campaign, the Kamins family identifies foundations and charities that carry forward Cash’s love of life and generous spirit. Donations given in his memory, along with sales of branded LOVE HARD hats, have raised over $12,000 to date – going to causes such as the Brothers Gow Music Foundation to provide ukuleles for two San Diego classrooms (Cash loved his little ukulele) and Compassionate Friends, San Diego Chapter that assists families grieving the loss of a child. These donations were given in honor of Cash’s third birthday in June.

In other efforts, Jen and her friends have been the top team for the Ronald McDonald Red Shoe Day fundraiser for four years in a row, while her husband, John, and sister-in-law, Michelle Stien, plan to run a marathon in Chicago to benefit the local Ronald McDonald House.

LOVE HARD has grown into another branch on the ACTS tree. As we celebrate the beauty of Cash’s life, we are all reminded to LOVE HARD the loves in our lives.

If you would like to give in Cash’s honor, donations can be made on the ACTS site. 100% of the donations to LOVE HARD go to organizations selected by the Kamins family.

To purchase a hat, go to the LOVE HARD facebook page: