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Ever feel like a collection of fragments and disorganized pieces inside? Like a cluttered room, so crowded with thoughts, feelings, and parts of yourself that you have no idea where to start or how to begin clearing a path through it? So you just stand there, paralyzed in the middle of yourself, completely overwhelmed by the task of organizing or pulling yourself together, and discouraged by what seems to be an endless cycle of failed attempts to change.

Or maybe you’re the type who keeps your personal space so well organized that one little thing out of place sends you reeling. You wear yourself out trying to hold your insides together by ordering the external things in your life, also overwhelmed and discouraged by a cycle that never seems to bring the results you’re expecting.

Then there are those who don’t really think about stuff like this. What’s the point? It’s way too introspective and takes all the fun out of life. You know… the type described in profiles as “works hard, plays hard” while others envy their “life is good” bios, and they have to work and play a little harder to avoid admitting what’s true deep down inside. Something’s missing….

We’re all doing the best we can with what we know. It’s complicated. We’re complicated. And our journeys through life can be complicated, too. Then on top of all that, we end up complicating it even more because of our distorted ideas of what it’s supposed to be like. See what I mean?

This brings collages to mind again… that simple and inclusive little art form we talked about last week. Remember? Loved by kindergarteners and life coaches. A seemingly unordered collection of words, pictures, and mementos that displays something greater and more beautiful than its separate parts. We’re collages on the inside, too, composed of fragments of thoughts, feelings, experiences, hopes, dreams, desires, and parts of ourselves often buried beneath all the clutter. Maybe trying to sort it all out, to sort ourselves out, and put everything in perfect order is the wrong approach, and takes all the fun out of life. Maybe if we would let ourselves come to God as little children, the way Jesus encouraged us to, we’d relax a little, have more fun in life, and enjoy the process of letting God paste our fragmented selves back together. He’s known for that….

In fact, we’re planning a little collage party at the ACTS House. A fun night together, clipping words and pictures out of discarded magazines that help us express ourselves in creative ways. Making something beautiful out of scraps and fragments. With a little help from our Unbridled family, the goal is to help each other see the collective beauty of all our parts and pieces, both inside ourselves and in each other, and at the same time, notice different qualities and characteristics of God in each other. We’re created in His image, so a collage that reflects how He made us will also reflect who He is and what He’s like.

Now that’s a work of art!!!

Love Julie