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Who knew there were so many different kinds of walls? Defensive walls. Curtain walls. Boundary walls. Knee walls. Pony walls. Building walls. Shared walls. Border walls. Retaining walls. Portable walls. Privacy walls. And the list goes on. Who knew?

Because life in the Unbridled family is all about building true community and connection, it was interesting to note the function of these particular walls:

Defensive walls provide protection from potential aggressors.

Boundary walls can be of minimal thickness and open in nature like a fence, or completely closed and opaque as in a masonry wall. They both serve as barriers.

Privacy walls, or fences, are designed to restrict or prevent movement over a boundary.

Curtain walls are non-load bearing and function only as fronts, decoration, or facades.

Building walls support and provide shelter and security.

I guess you can see where I’m heading with this. Pick a wall (any wall), and notice how it functions in your own life. What barriers have you erected in your heart and relationships to protect yourself from “potential aggressors” who might cross your boundary and see what you’d rather keep private? What facade keeps you living in fear that someone might see the real you behind the curtain?

This week at the ACTS House, we let our walls down a little more. We learned that we can feel safe with each other, that we really are for each other, not against. We let ourselves accept the messiness of the building and renovation project in our lives, and that it often takes longer than we like. We became more convinced that it’s our true selves (not our facades) that bear the weight and glory of who God created us to be.

And most of all, we witnessed and celebrated each other’s progress in trusting the walls God has provided for us here. The loving walls of a true home and family. Walls that build us up, and provide support, shelter, and security.

Love Julie

UnbridledACTS Guest

 God places the solitary in families and gives the desolate a home….  (Psalms 68:6)