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Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Orange you glad not to see another Journal post about the ache that feels anything but beautiful?

Thought so.

We’re actually not off the topic yet, but I wanted to be careful not to lose you. And here’s why. That ache you may not want to read another blog post about … the one I keep calling beautiful [yeah, right] … is the same ache that can turn disastrous if you’re not careful. And careful here does not mean tip toeing around everything that could lead to more disappointment. It doesn’t mean shoving it down deeper, denying it, or despising it. And it most certainly doesn’t mean just being careful that nobody finds out what you do to try to fill it, fix it, or fake it.

That’s exactly why I’m harping on this. It really is that important, because what we do with desire, and the ache that goes with it, will either lead to something beautiful … or disastrous. Mark my words. I know what I’m talking about. Longing simply will not be denied. Desire refuses to be dismissed. And the more we refuse ourselves the very thing we were created for, the more it will end up coming out sideways.

Only someone who has been there can write this stuff and call it beautiful, you know. Only someone who has learned the hard way will risk dismantling her elaborate devices in order to experience the beautiful results that honesty brings. And the only way to get there is to explore the unbearable truths that our hearts need us to hear.

This is what we need to be careful of. The heart is the well-spring of life, and needs a response that is full of care when it whispers, whimpers, or wails. It’s an honest conveyor of truth, not to be dismissed. Something I wish I had known when I was full of an ache I couldn’t name. Fuming with anger I couldn’t explain. Dizzy with my own devices to ignore, understand, or annihilate the ache … and with it, the passionate person I knew I was, but was afraid to be.

But now I know … and it’s what I ache for you to know, too. It’s what I long for you to learn, sooner rather than later, in ways that don’t turn out to be hard and disastrous. It’s why we hope you won’t check out on us and the lessons we so want to share with you here in the Journal. It’s why we beg you not to check out on yourself. Your heart and your ache are trying to tell you something, and it really is that important for you to know.

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

I think you know.

Love Julie

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