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The Journal is a window into our world. A place to ponder and practice what we learn together on the path to hope, healing, and abundant life. A collection of voices sharing stories of life together in an Unbridled community. Not always clean and tidy, but it’s home…and the safest place we know for learning to be real…on our way to becoming whole…so we can partner with God to do the same for others.

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August 19, 2016

Far-Away Floods Hit Home

While continuous coverage of the Olympic swim team situation inundated the news this past week, South Louisiana was being devastated by an “unprecedented deluge that forced tens of thousands to…
June 19, 2016

Taking Time to Notice

Now that regular life has resumed, I’m doing my best to hang on to the new perspectives I shared last week. You know, the kind that so often accompany getaways…