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As one chapter in my life comes to an end and a new one begins, a time of reflection seems appropriate. The two years I’ve spent with UnbridledACTS taught me lessons I will carry forever. I gained valuable skills, met special people, shared in triumphs and struggles, and took part in impacting the lives of people I will never physically meet. Here are some of the key take-aways from my time with ACTS.

1) Lend a Helping Hand

Because there are so many companies within Unbridled, there were always opportunities to help outside of ACTS. I loved assisting Giftd in packaging their fulfillments, planning fun community service activities, helping someone move desks, or providing an extra set of hands when needed. I learned it’s always more rewarding to offer help before being asked. It gives the chance to willingly serve others. This is a lesson I brought with me and one that will continue into my next position.

2) Be a Listening Ear

Last year ACTS created a one-time program, the 2020 Assistance Fund, to help those who lost jobs or finances because of COVID-19. This was a unique fund in that we acted as both counselors and supporters for everyone applying. After the first few applicants, I realized one of the most important needs I could meet was listening. Every applicant was going through something and needed, first and foremost, someone to talk to. In times of stress or uncertainty, the greatest gift you can give is being present and available.

3) Try Something New

During my time with ACTS, there were numerous occasions to try something new. Writing blog posts was just one of them. It was new territory and a skill I never thought I would develop. I took time to sit down every month and intentionally consider what was on my mind and how to share it. Through each blog written, I learned something new about myself. I discovered reasons behind some decisions and answers to lingering questions. Though I will no longer contribute to the ACTS blog, I know I will continue the practice of writing my thoughts down.

4) Have Fun!

Even when things are stressful, responsibilities increase, or times are slow, I find I enjoy life most when I’m having fun! It’s easy to keep your head down and not enjoy the process or people around you. When you do that, you may just miss out on something amazing. Take a lunch break with a co-worker or friend, talk about your weekend plans, or create a fun routine with those around you. Whatever it is, make an effort to slow down and experience joy!

5) Treasure Relationships

This summer the Unbridled family lost one of our own. Stewart was a friend to everyone. Those who knew him saw how bright his light shined. His passing reminded me, and most people, just how fragile life really is. I reflected on how Stewart lived his life, who he impacted and what was important to him. It was clear he valued his relationships more than any object or experience. This is the type of life I desire to pursue. Thank you, Stewart, for reminding us to treasure each person in our lives!

Unbridled will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to those who made it special, taught me lessons I will never forget and encouraged my growth.

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