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Now that regular life has resumed, I’m doing my best to hang on to the new perspectives I shared last week. You know, the kind that so often accompany getaways and vacations. The kind that seem to require emptying ourselves of the mundane in order to ponder the meaningful…even if it’s just a brief intermission to slow down and notice things from a new place, literally or figuratively.

The good thing is…that we can take a breather, pretty much any time and as often as we’d like by simply doling out a few minutes that don’t cost a red cent or require moving heaven and earth to coordinate calendars and logistics. Not a bad option when the larger dollops of time and expense we tend to associate with a “real” vacation aren’t likely. You know, the kind we all wish we could take. The kind we’re convinced we need, that will “make all the difference”…whatever that means.

So, I ask myself {and you, too…of course}, what’s a “real” vacation anyway? What do we “really” need that we’re convinced only a big ol’ dollop of vacation can provide? And when was the last time we took a brief intermission from the mundane to ponder truly meaningful things that really and truly could “make all the difference” in our lives if we slowed down long enough to ponder them? I don’t know…just wondering.

And…what if the cumulative effect of such daily moments actually made it possible to hang on to a truly relaxed and reflective lifestyle…all the time? Wouldn’t that be great?

Funny how this isn’t ending up exactly where I thought it was headed, but that’s not at all unusual. In fact, it’s one of the things I love about the ACTS Journal…the way it seems to take off on its own…sort of like meandering down a path without knowing where it’s headed, but that’s OK because it’s so beautiful and peaceful and welcoming that it doesn’t really matter. And along the way, you begin to notice that you’re noticing things you haven’t noticed in ages. You find yourself taking time to turn and look and really see things from a new perspective…discovering all kinds of delightful things. Kind of like a mini-vaca…a little break from the mundane…a meaningful moment.
And suddenly, you realize you want to hang on to the moment, to the experience. Maybe even make some changes in your life that end up making all the difference. I don’t know…just wondering. But, wouldn’t that be great?

Thanks so much for taking a moment each week to slow down and meander with us wherever the path may lead.