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Don’t you hate it when people explain hard things like they’re easy while you stand there feeling stupid and wondering why you can’t seem to get it?  I know I do…and I hope that all my talk of how “simple” love can be last week didn’t leave any of you feeling completely discouraged or defeated by how difficult it can actually be in real life.

Even though love is supposed to be simple, many things in life are “easier said than done,” just like it can be easier to spout off what we’ve learned from counselors, books, Bible studies, and life coaches than it is to actually apply it in our lives. We’re a psychologically savvy society. We’ve learned to talk the talk. And for the spiritual among us, being fluent in Godspeak doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to put what we preach into practice.

All that to say… I’m humbled by my own struggles to live out the lessons we share with you in the Journal each week, and to let you know that we’re often discouraged by our lack of progress in areas that are just plain hard for us. So forgive me if what I write ever leaves you standing there feeling stupid and wondering why you can’t seem to put it into practice. That’s the last thing in the world we would want when the point is to be open and honest about our struggles so that you know we can identify with yours.

Changing life-long patterns, habits, and beliefs that keep us from connecting with others and living our best lives takes time, intentionality, patience, practice, and help from God and the people He uses to “love us to life.” This is what life at the ACTS House is all about…and I stand here amazed to see love put into practice in simple ways that leave us feeling safe instead of stupid; inspired to press on instead of discouraged and defeated; accepted in our struggles, instead of shamed by them.

We never knew that love could be so simple and life-changing, and we hope you’ll stay with us on the journey as we continue to learn together that love really can be easier than we thought.

Love Julie