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Every courageous move at the ACTS House is cause for celebration…and when the move is literal, as in two states away, it’s only natural that a tinge of sadness will find its way into the mix. We’ve been feeling both recently, as we prepare to bid farewell to one of our own. With no guarantees of when we’ll meet again, good-byes are never easy. It’s why “parting is such sweet sorrow.” Absence brings the realization of just how much the presence of another adds to our life…making it richer, fuller, more fun. And most of all, making us better for being together.

We will miss you, dear friend. Knowing you has changed our lives…and the same will be true for countless others God brings across your path. You’re one of the most courageous women we’ve ever known. We celebrate who you are. Who you’re becoming. And whatever it looks like to “get your brave on,” we cheer you on as the roar of your courageous heart makes its move in the world.