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The view from the kitchen’s sliding glass door in The Nest this morning looks and sounds to me like our circumstances. The wind is screaming and the snow is blowing wildly…and the sun is shining brightly.

Our full-of-life-and-joy, eight year-old princess, Reili, brings sunshine, laughter and joy to absolutely every person and place around her. She is an atmosphere changer and leader that people want to be around.

For the last eight weeks we’ve been walking through a raging storm of aches and pains in her head, stomach, joints, and muscles–fighting an unknown illness within her.

I rest in the knowledge of the truth that every and all circumstances belong not to evil, the medical field, the world, or the government. They all belong to our God. Nothing escapes His loving gaze or changes His fierce fatherly love and protection over Reili or any of us, His kids.

So, with my researching, with every doctor’s visit, blood draw, test, and procedure–as I cry my tears on the shoulder of the Comforter–I recall the words of my Papa who always keeps His promises. He says to be still and know He is God. That He has a hope and a future planned for Reili that is bigger and better than I can even imagine. He is with her and will use all these things for her good. And His perfect love wipes away every fear.

All that He has and all that we need, all his empowering grace, is readily available to us. I believe; even more so in the midst of the scariest and darkest of storms. That’s where His light shines the brightest! It lives inside us and I see it shining so brightly, even now, in Reili’s eyes!

Merry Christmas from The Nest. May God’s hope, peace, joy, and love shine brilliantly in whatever circumstances you may find yourself in today–in this joyful season!


Cindy Bullis, The Nest