Real. Raw. Revealing.

The Journal is a window into our world. A place to ponder and practice what we learn together on the path to hope, healing, and abundant life. A collection of voices sharing stories of life together in an Unbridled community. Not always clean and tidy, but it’s home…and the safest place we know for learning to be real…on our way to becoming whole…so we can partner with God to do the same for others.

Our Journal Contributors

July 17, 2014

Africa Bound!

We made it through security and to our gate in under 5 minutes.  Now we can sit, relax a bit and enjoy the air conditioning since it's a luxury we…
June 12, 2014

Guatemala: Weights and Measures

Kelly, an UnbridledACTS Board member, recently took a mission trip to Guatemala to work with her friends at Vencendor Ministries and meet her Compassion (International) child. Vencedor Ministries, based in the…
June 4, 2014

Undaunted Courage

“The task is daunting.” It was a simply-spoken truth shared in our weekly meeting last Sunday morning that immediately reminded me of the book Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose. Both…
May 19, 2014

Life Within

Ever feel like a collection of fragments and disorganized pieces inside? Like a cluttered room, so crowded with thoughts, feelings, and parts of yourself that you have no idea where…