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We are constantly changing, evolving, and progressing. With each person we meet, experience we have, and place we visit, our lives are impacted. Some events move us forward and others bring unforeseen challenges that set us back. To some extent, I feel we are constantly in a state of transition. We are continually growing personally, professionally, emotionally, and physically.

Over the last two years numerous changes took place in my life. I went from being single to meeting the man I would marry. From renting and living with roommates to buying a house with my husband, Matt. Leaving one job to step into the non-profit world. Mentoring a friend as she navigated a bright new future. Learning to lean on my husband rather than myself through simple and major life decisions. Each one of these progressions brought personal growth through introspection and evaluation.


Journeying through life and understanding what my husband and I desire to pursue has taught me a few things. As we think about our future, we need a firm grasp on our past and the decisions that brought us where we are now. I recently attended a meeting for non-profits working in Uganda. The guest speaker shared invaluable advice which reminded me how far I’ve come and encouraged me to reflect on my decisions.

“Do something courageous for you. Your courage isn’t the same as someone else’s.”

Bob Goff

A lot of power is packed into the above sentences. What does courage mean in my life? Are there decisions Matt and I need to make that seem silly to one person but courageous for us? I know on multiple occasions we resolved to sit and wait, knowing that would be harder than moving in a certain direction. Patience is something I struggle with. Waiting, to me, feels like laziness and a lack of commitment. Through the years though, I discovered the exact opposite: There is a lot of courage in patience. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

What’s more, I continue to learn to trust my ‘gut’. I have a hard time drowning out the noise around me and focusing in on my own thoughts. Trusting the small, quiet voice inside is easier when I can escape to a secluded space. I always feel peace after I listen to my voice of wisdom. I know it’s trustworthy and is guiding me in the right direction. The hardest part sometimes is taking the first step.

Moving Forward

For me, patience and pushing away the noise are the most effective ways I make decisions in my life. Even the smaller decisions require this process. I leave you with some of the best questions Bob Goff gave during the summit. Think about it, then implement the answers to your life.

“What do I want? Why do I want it? What am I going to do about it?”

Bob Goff

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