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It was an emotional day for all of us as we pulled onto the site of the new build in Elizabeth. As we drove over the open land, construction stakes flanked us on either side marking the outline of the future driveway. At the top of the hill, overlooking the rolling hills of Elizabeth, was the stake-skeleton of the new home. A home we’ve been praying over, dreaming about, and planning for years. As we walked through the layout, Tony and David, our Home Builder and Excavator, described the rooms we were standing in. We even drove our imaginary cars into the parking lot where the UnbridledACTS guests would be welcomed home every day.

It was at the end of the tour that we stood on what would be the front porch of the new ministry home. Quietly Stan said, “I know the back porch will have an incredible view, but I think I’ll spend the majority of my time right here on the front porch. Like an old grandpa welcoming everyone to come in.”

And with that, we wiped a few tears away, and headed inside for the first of many weekly construction meetings.

Here’s to the next nine months of construction and the many, many hands working to make this vision come alive. May there be something different about this land and home.