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We made it through security and to our gate in under 5 minutes.  Now we can sit, relax a bit and enjoy the air conditioning since it’s a luxury we will not have for the next three plus weeks–that and ice cold drinks.  Our bags are packed to the max with all kinds of goodies for the people in Africa.  Last night we were making our final run to Jo Ann’s Fabric Store to purchase a bunch of fabric for our sewing project in Uganda.  This is going to be an exciting trip for many reasons. Getting to see our friends in Uganda and visit the office there, meet new friends and work with the people in Rwanda. This trip will be the partnering of a number of different organizations. UnbridledACTS has a working relationship with Yobel Market and Unbridled African Missions already and will be joining up with Beauty for Ashes Uganda plus an organization in Rwanda.  Praise The Lord. Can’t wait to see what God will do not only in the lives of those we meet, but in our own.

Time to board! More to come…


Bev Harris, UnbridledACTS Africa