Linthicum Family Match

UnbridledACTS is coming alongside the Linthicum family for a $1 for $1 match up to $10,000. The funds will help cover travel costs and medical bills for our dear friend and coworker, Stewart Linthicum, and his family as he undergoes cancer treatment in Texas. This match will run through the summer of 2021:

On May 7th, a member of our Unbridled family, Stewart Linthicum, was admitted to Denver Health due to prolonged severe stomach pain, nausea, insomnia, and back pain. He was feeling unwell for a few weeks, but he could not have expected what this trip to the hospital would reveal. After many scans, blood draws, scopes, and tests of all kinds, he received news that he has cancer spreading throughout his body. Clarity was given to this diagnosis on Saturday, May 15th—Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer metastasized to his liver, pancreas, stomach, lymph nodes, and other parts of his body. After much thought and consideration, Stewart and his family decided to head back to their home state of Texas and seek care at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital to give him access to the best treatments and doctors. He will spend the summer undergoing treatment.

This fight for Stewart will be an uphill battle, and we are with him all the way. While Stewart’s family is in Texas, MD Anderson is in Houston, which is a far drive from their home in Longview. Stewart’s parents, Kevin and Susan, along with his sister, Alexis, have been by his side throughout these first few weeks, and we want to continue to make that possible as he seeks treatment. To help offset the costs incurred during this period, we have set-up this dollar-for-dollar match (up to $10,000) where 100% of donations will go to the Linthicum family. The hope is to ease the financial burden of these unexpected medical bills and give Stewart’s family financial support to be with him without worry of the costs.

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