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UnbridledACTS partners with the LOVE HARD campaign to continue Cash’s legacy by providing short and long-term support to grieving families. All donations are tax deductible and go directly to families in need of grief support via short-term financial aid and all-expense-paid retreats. All support is given by the Kamins family and the Love Hard committee in Cash’s honor.

If you know a grieving family in need, please email us at [email protected].


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After the sudden and unexpected loss of our son Cash (26 months) we were sitting around a table with our closest friends. I began to talk about our son. He was our third and final child. We have two girls, London (6) and Harper (5) and Cash was, “our boy”. My little baby boy. I spoke about how I nursed him longer than the girls, rocked him to bed every night his ENTIRE life, cuddled him longer, harder. More than I did with the girls for some reason. I held him HARD. I kissed him HARD. I loved him HARD. I have no regrets that I did not get to love him as hard as I possibly could while he was on this earth. And from there, LOVE HARD took on a whole new meaning.

The LOVE HARD image is representative of the sun setting over the ocean. We were lucky enough to enjoy this view every night, as family since we moved back to San Diego in June. I held Cash nearly every evening as we watched the sun set over the ocean.

This is our way to give back. To help other families who are going through a similar tragedy of losing a child or parent too soon. We will continue to provide support to these families through financial support and family retreats.

The Kamins Family

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