Bjorklund Family Fund

On October 29, 2023, Julie Bjorklund delivered her twins, Elin (Ee-lynn) Michelle and Hayley Elise, after Elin passed in the womb from heart complications just two days prior. They were delivered at 27 weeks via c-section at 8:31am and 8:33am, Elin then Hayley.

Julie and Nick held a small service for Elin in the hospital after taking time to say goodbye, with Julie’s sister, Jana, and her adopted parents form Texas in attendance. Hayley was born 1lb 8oz, breathing on her own, kicking and punching. She had some time of her own with Elin and is now in the NICU. Because of how tiny she is, there is a long NICU road ahead.

Julie was discharged from the hospital on November 2. She and Nick will be staying at a hotel across from the hospital for the next couple of weeks to remain as close to Hayley as possible. With a number of funeral home expenses upcoming for Elin and a lot of unknowns ahead for Hayley, we are setting up this fund as a place for donations to be sent to help cover any future expenses incurred. Julie and Nick are taking it day by day and are appreciative of all the love and support poured out over these weeks since Julie was admitted to the hospital on October 4.

Any amount helps and all processing fees are covered by UnbridledACTS, so 100% of your donation will go to the Bjorklund’s needs. We have a meal train set up for those near to drop off food and those far or unavailable to give gift cards. If you would like to visit, please reach out to Julie or Nick, directly.

We grieve alongside Julie and Nick in the loss of Elin, but rejoice with them, as well, in the arrival of Hayley. Please join us in supporting the Bjorklund’s during this time.

If you would like to see pictures of baby Elin Michelle Bjorklund, click here.

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