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Unbridled Response Fund

The purpose of the Unbridled Response Fund is to provide aid to victims of a qualifying disaster or personal hardship. Contributions are matched through the UnbridledACTS general fund and are tax deductible.

Events Covered by the Unbridled Response Fund

Qualified Disasters

  • Resulting from terrorist or military actions
  • Resulting from an accident involving a common carrier
  • A Presidentially-declared disaster
  • Deemed catastrophic by the Secretary of the Treasury

Personal Hardship

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Undue hardship not caused by employee
  • Fire, flood, or natural disaster
  • Military deployment
  • Violent crime
  • Death of employee or eligible dependent

Events Not Covered by the Unbridled Response Fund

  • Chronic debt or sustained financial shortfalls
  • Legal fees or fines
  • Any event that is a result of illegal activity committed by the applicant or their dependents


Funds cannot be distributed to individuals merely because they are a victim of a disaster. Likewise, an individual does not have to be totally destitute to be considered temporarily in need of financial assistance. Due to the disaster or hardship, they may merely lack the resources to obtain the basic necessities of the moment. An independent selection committee determines grant recipients based on an objective determination of need.


Please contact Olivia McGraw at [email protected] to obtain an application. Applicants will be notified by the selection committee regarding the acceptance or denial of a grant.

Payments to individuals are made for charitable purposes and will not result in taxable compensation to the recipient.