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Unbridled Identity

Unbridled Identity is a service offered by UnbridledACTS for community members interested in exploring the blind spots that keep them from changing and “connecting with [their] best future possibility.” (Otto Scharmer, Leading from the Emerging Future)

To facilitate the process of identifying and engaging those blind spots, UnbridledACTS makes counseling, recovery, and other treatment resources available at a 50% discount through a preferred provider list.


UnbridledACTS offers assistance through a preferred group of qualified therapists and counselors who agree to direct billing services with UnbridledACTS. Participants may recommend therapists, or counselors, for review and evaluation to be considered for addition to the preferred group of providers on an annual basis.

The program pays half the cost of counseling, limited to one visit per week, directly to an UnbridledACTS-approved provider. If additional visits per week are recommended, the balance of payments will be the responsibility of the employee or family member.

Participating therapists and counselors are credentialed and guided by a professional code of ethics. All communication between providers and participants related to Unbridled Identity services is held in strict confidence.

For more information about engaging with the program, please contact Lorelei Thorne at [email protected].