20 in 20 – Team Leader Sign Up

This campaign is about more than raising funds, it’s also about raising awareness and celebrating the good in 2020.

As a leader, you are signing up to:

  • Follow & like UnbridledACTS on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram only)
  • Share UnbridledACTS 20 stories of hope on social media over the 1st 20 days of November
  • Invite 20 (or more) friends to give $20 in 20 days. Be sure they know your team name!

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

  • First team leader to have 20 people give $20 (or more)
  • Team leader with the most participants
  • Team leader with the most generous team

Top prizes include a two-night glamping trip in Fremont County, rafting trips down the royal gorge, and more!

Thank you for joining our 20 in 20 campaign as a team leader!