To celebrate the good in 2020, we’re taking the first twenty days in November to recognize the impact we’ve seen across the country and around the globe.

In doing that, we’re looking for team leaders to help us share in the joy and invite twenty friends to give $20 to UnbridledACTS. We want to see the momentum of this year carry into 2021, and we need your help to get there.

This is not just a fundraiser. It’s a joy-spreader. Goodness-giver. Celebration caravan. In the lead up to Thanksgiving, it’s a way to pause and be grateful for the good, because let’s be honest, it’s way too easy to focus on the negative.

So, whether you’d like to simply give once yourself, or join the ACTS team by becoming a 20 in 20 Team Leader, we’d love to have your support by sharing our posts, spreading some joy, and ending the year with a greater impact for good.

Thank you for the many ways you’ve helped us love people to life. Let’s take it even further!